Consistent results for a longer-lasting, natural-looking tan

The SoTan Professional Indoor/Outdoor Tanning Line was created after extensive research into the latest developments in tanning and skin care technology. Tanners want high-performance formulations they can count on to protect and take care of their skin, give them consistent results and provide a longer-lasting, natural-looking tan. Pulling all of these elements together is not an easy task. When it’s done the right way, the results are amazing! And that’s why the new SoTan Professional Indoor/Outdoor Tanning Line makes other products seem so … yesterday.

SoTan delivers state-of-the-art tanning technology featuring tan accelerators and maximizers for all levels of tanning. SoTan products are manufactured with the latest developments in skin care ingredients with advanced skin-firming and moisturizing properties. These include high-performance formulations like SoTan’s exclusive Tanozine™ Dark Tanning Enhancers, ColorMax™ Tan Extenders and T3™ ProColor Complex.