"Our innovation" soon becomes "international standard", it has always been the Takara Belmont way. Products developed for ease of use and for comfort, for the stylist and for the client. Satisfying both is the true measure of value. From New York to Los Angeles, from Paris to Tokyo, Takara Belmont is recognized as the innovative leader in furnishings and equipment for beauty salons, spas, and barber shops. What has earned Takara Belmont the title of world leader?

- Distributors in 80 countries — 13 major showrooms in the U.S. and Canada
- More seating and styling stations designs than all other manufacturers combined
- Award winning salons, year after year
- The largest staff of professional designers
- The design trendsetter in every corner of the world

Takara Belmont has long been recognized as the innovative leader in design and technology. Underlying this reputation is our philosophy of making people's lives easier and healthier. We live this philosophy through products and services that provide ease of use, comfort, convenience, and safety. Our philosophy of caring includes the professionals who select our products and their clientele. We believe that by maintaining our focus on the needs of people throughout the world, Takara Belmont will continue to lead the way. 

Creating equipment and environments that enhance the performance of technicians, yet are comfortable for clients, represents the values espoused by Takara Belmont. These values are accepted practice in salons across Canada and recognized internationally.

Takara Company, Canada continues our international commitment and philosophy by ensuring our customers satisfaction through a nation wide dealer network, quality products that are second to none, and a state of the art manufacturing process that ensures our products exceed industry, and regulatory standards.

The Takara Canada team of employees are committed to ensuring our customers satisfaction on a daily basis.