Salon Merchandising

 Maritime Beauty wants to ensure your success with every promotion you purchase, and merchandising them well in your salon is half the battle! For a small business owner, hiring a graphic designer to create artwork for signage is a huge expense, so Maritime Beauty has created signage for you! Every month the page will be updated with signage for your salon of Maritime Beauty’s current promotions.

Simply print out the shelf talkers and signs. The prices can be easily modified based on your markup. We have included larger 8 ½” x 11” signs for the promotions that we feel should have increased exposure.  


We have moved the signage to You can access by clicking here Salon Signage

Tips for accessing signage on

If you sign up for free account you will be able to see the image of the sign as well as the name. 

Click on the Icon for Grid View.  This will allow you to see images.

Then click on the month for the promotion signage

If you do not see images, and only see image like below, 

you need to log in to with your free account, or if you do not have an account, complete setup of your free account and log in

You will still be able to click on the signaage and seethe final signage and print the signage without free account, just not as easy as seeng the sign in grid view.